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Melted Chocolate

Try the magic of
Cookie Karma

Indulgent sweets to care for the soul

Welcome to Cookie Karma!
Our online cookie store offers you the best of American cookies with a pampered, homemade and large-sized product!

Sooo Big!
Our cookies have a considerable size, so you can enjoy their incredible flavor and sweetness.
Cookies in the purest American style.

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About us

Let us tell you who we are

Founded in 2021, Cookie Karma is the place to satisfy your needs for sweet, sweet stuff. They are not cookies to have with tea (although you could if you feel like it). Cookie Karma offers you a great selection of the most daring cookies in the purest American style. Also, we have excellent specialty coffee (our own house blend), specialty tea and delicious gourmet products to satisfy the most demanding sweet tooth, Come on!!!

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